About us

History has always been one of our main interests, most notably military history and uniformology. We have also long since been great lovers of toy soldiers and model figures. Nowadays both passions find their expression in this fascinating full-time enterprise called El Taller Hobby-Art.

Thorough research on the historical context of battles and armies are put into the design of each figure. All figures are manufactured in the traditional 54mm scale and they are grouped into different series. A group of collaborators contribute daily with us, but the conception, manufacturing, and sale of the figures are carried out by El Taller Hobby-Art.

Not only is each figure an exclusive piece for collectors –a precious showpiece–, but each also corresponds to a precise and distinctive moment in history. By delving into old archives and period images we draw inspiration to characterize the spirit of each figure: pose, garments, uniforms, weapons, details, etc.
We are currently launching the first of the planned series: the Indian Army.