Alexander Farnese – 1585


Limited manufactured and numbered series of 35 white metal kits

Figure to assemble and paint
Ref.: 01 – SG
Weight: 250 grs.
Material: White Metal
Numbre of Pieces: 12
Historical Review:

Alexander Farnese (Rome, 1545 – Arras, France, 1592) was Duke of Parma and a military man who served in the army under the rule of Spanish King Philip II. He was the son of Ottavio Farnesio, Duke of Parma, and Margarita de Parma, the natural daughter of Carlos I. As a teenager he went to the court of Spain, where he received his education. In 1565 he married Princess Maria of Portugal, the granddaughter of Manuel I the Fortunate. As a soldier in the service of the Spanish Crown, he excelled in the defense of the Spanish possessions in the Netherlands.



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