Italia 1797


Figure to assemble and paint
Ref.: 02 – NAP
Weight: 250 grs.
Material: White Metal
Numbre of Pieces: 18
Historical Review:

The new campaign of the French army in Italy, which ensured the political future of Napoleon, had begun in March 1796. The victory of Lodi, on May 10 of that year, involved the withdrawal of the Austrians from Lombardy and the entry of the French into Milan.
Since the end of the previous year, the French army in Italy had been paralyzed by the refusal of its commander, Scherer, to continue the campaign against the Austro-Piedmontese army, much to the chagrin of the Minister of War, who dismissed him. The young Bonaparte presented himself then as a candidate for the post and by means of all his political contacts, he was finally appointed commander of the French army in Italy. His meteoric rise was not so much due to his merits as to the revolutionary spirit of the new rules introduced in the French army, which encouraged the promotion of officers from the middle or low classes, unlike the aristocratic discrimination prevailing in the Old Regime.


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