Alfonso XIII – King of Spain (1886-1941)


Figure to assemble and paint
Ref.: 03 – KI
Weight: 250 grs.
Material: White Metal
Numbre of Pieces: 12
Historical Review:

Alfonso XIII, (born May 17, 1886, Madrid, Spain—died February 28, 1941, Rome, Italy), was a Spanish king (1902–31) who, by authorizing a military dictatorship, hastened his own deposition by advocates of the Second Republic. The posthumous son of Alfonso XII, Alfonso XIII was immediately proclaimed king under the regency of his mother, María Cristina de Habsburgo-Lorena. Although lively and intelligent, he was raised by his doting mother in an ultraclerical and reactionary atmosphere. He reacted early against the boredom of court life and began his lifelong attachment to the Spanish army. In 1902, on his 16th birthday, he assumed full authority as king.



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